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Good people sometimes make bad choices.

We understand the anguish and uncertainty a Georgia DUI charge can bring. Our legal team has helped hundreds of clients get their life back on track. We are ready to help you! Call 404-310-9795 or use our free consultation form.

At The Law Offices of Troy P. Hendrick, we take the approach that each and every Georgia DUI (driving under the influence) case can be won! 

We believe that in the overwhelming majority of cases, the Georgia police officer or the state of Georgia has made mistakes in the prosecution of your case that will lead to opportunities to achieve a positive outcome in your DUI case.

Experience You Can Trust
Troy P. Hendrick is a former prosecutor in Dekalb County, Georgia, who now exclusively handles criminal defense cases. Troy maintains current certification from the same DUI instructors who train police officers and he has received the same courses in standardized field sobriety evaluation as the officers on the street. Particularly important is the edge this gives Troy in cross-examining police officers. Troy also attends courses regarding the operation of the blood alcohol testing devices, including the Intoxilyzer 5000 and 9000.

Proven Courtroom Trial Record
He has extensive trial experience having handled thousands of cases from DUI, drugs, violent crimes, traffic cases and many others throughout his career. Now as a defense attorney, Troy uses this previous career knowledge to help build more effective cases against the government's attorneys.

Awards and specialized DUI training
When you hire Mr. Hendrick, you have a former Georgia prosecutor with a law degree from Wake Forest University Law School and certification from The National College for DUI Defense program at Harvard Law School representing you. 

Troy has been practicing for 12 years, 10 as a DUI defense attorney. Since 2012, Troy has annually been named one of Georgia’s “Legal Elite” by Georgia Trend Magazine as selected by peers in the legal community, and was named a “Rising Star” by Thomson Reuters’ “SuperLawyers” publication for 2014 ( 

Saving your license can be the single most important benefit of contacting an attorney immediately upon being charged.

Georgia Driving Under the Influence Criminal Defense

We approach your Georgia Driving under the influence case with a "we-can-win-it" attitude, we keep our minds open to any and all possibilities to be successful in the defense of your case and in defense of your Georgia and United States Constitutional Rights. When you hire The Law Offices of Troy P. Hendrick, you have done everything in your power to achieve the best result possible.

If you are arrested for and charged with a DUI, the State of Georgia has been training and funding an entire system to prosecute you for the last 25 years. To level the playing field and get it tipped in your direction look to the Law Offices of Troy P. Hendrick.

He understands that many Georgia DUI cases are legally flawed due to a lack of "reasonable suspicion" to pull the vehicle over in the first place or/and there was a lack of “probable cause” to continue the investigation. 

Our team works tirelessly through the use of experts, doctors, investigators, technology and the law to find areas of your case in which the state of Georgia has failed to meet its burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

Hiring a committed Georgia DUI lawyer is the first step toward putting your mind at rest and ensuring that you have the best chance at reducing the negative impact that these types of charges can have on your life and your future.

The best results are achieved when our firm and experts have an opportunity to get involved early and quickly in the legal process. Do not delay, call the Georgia DUI Law Firm of Troy P. Hendrick at 404-310-9795 or use our FREE consultation form here.


One of the most severe consequences of a Georgia DUI charge is the loss of your privilege to drive in Georgia for up to one year. People have to make a living, and to make a living, we all have to drive. Saving your license can be the single-most important benefit of contacting an attorney immediately upon being charged.

The “Ten Day Rule” refers to certain requests that must be made within ten days of a DUI arrest in order to maximize your chances of being able to drive. Begin your search for an attorney immediately upon being charged. Make sure you give him or her ample time to file the necessary paperwork with the Department of Drivers’ Services to ensure the maximum opportunity to save your privilege to drive and make a living.